Established in 2003, Taba was built on the desire to help jewelry designers achieve their goals by combining our technical knowledge with their creative ideas.

The jewelry industry is a unique and complex one. Even experienced designers will run into pitfalls in parts of the industry that are new to them. It is our mission to help jewelry designers navigate this environment through sound advice, connecting designers with reliable partners, and providing a one-stop solution to create successful products.

Taba’s president, Sergio Baez, came into the jewelry industry as a model maker. He carved waxes by hand, bringing with him an eye for detail that he trained as an architecture student. Over the course of nearly 30 years in New York’s Diamond District, he learned to cut molds, design using various CAD softwares, and mastered alloying, casting, and finishing jewelry.

However, as a young apprentice, Baez often encountered secrecy from masters unwilling to share their techniques and best practices. It was obvious to him that this self-censorship weakened the industry, especially for newer generations of designers and manufacturers. So when he founded his own company, he made sure that Taba would be different.

Here, we try our best to treat every project as a learning experience. As one of the few casting houses open to independent jewelry designers, we have had the pleasure of serving thousands of accounts big and small.