Model Making with CAD

So many factors go into making a successful piece that is both pleasing to wear and possible to produce. Whether done by hand or on a CAD program, the principles of jewelry design are the same, and require expertise.

Taba’s CAD service gives you a complete and printable, castable 3D file. We can execute your design or offer consultation to help you maximize your design for production success.

Start with:
• A sketch or photo with measurements clearly indicated
• A 3D file (.STL, .3dm, .IGES, .OBJ or .VTF) that needs modification, along with the modifications desired
• Or a metal prototype to replicate as a file

CAD projects are billed per hour. We require down payments before work begins. We include 2 simple modifications per order and additional charges will be $70 per modification. Please download and fill out this CAD worksheet and email it to the CAD department ( to get an estimate for your project.