Lost-Wax Casting for Jewelry

Lost Wax Casting

A time-honored art, lost wax casting allows the artist to modify the design while it is in the wax stage; she can add surface texture, change a ring size, or alter shapes. Lost wax casting yields pieces with outstanding detail, and is ideal for high quantity production.


Stone-in-Place Casting

Taba offers stone-in-place casting as a cost-effective alternative to setting stones the traditional way. With stone-in-place casting, stones are set in the wax and during casting, the metal forms itself around the stone. Certain stones are not suitable for this method, however. Please tell us about your specific project.


Bi-Metal Casting

Pieces consisting of two contrasting metals can be very attractive. To achieve a two-tone piece with lost-wax casting, we first cast the first metal, set the castings into the wax of the second metal, and cast again.When assembled correctly, the result is a unified piece.


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