Laser Engraving

We offer laser engraving of logos and words on cast pieces. Engraving can be placed on insides or outsides of ring shanks, flat surfaces, or surfaces that are concave or convex in one direction only. To place an order with engraving, please let us know 1) font style 2)font size, 3) placement and 4) whether the piece should be marked deep for the purpose of molding. If you have a vector file of your engraving, please forward to us by email. If we need to create a vector from a drawing, a design fee may be added to your engraving charges. Acceptable vector file formats: .dxf, .dwg, or .ai

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Things to Consider When Engraving Deep for Molding

Engraving deep on your master model is an effective way to reduce engraving costs. By engraving on the master, all your reproduction pieces will already have your logo or design on it. In order for an engraving to work for molding, the narrowest areas must be at least 0.3mm wide in most cases. For example, if your logo uses a narrow font, you may need to change the thickness of the design to be at least 0.3mm wide at the narrowest point. This is especially true of script and serif fonts. For best results, the master should get a master clean before deep engraving to reduce the amount of polishing we need to do on the production piece. This way, your engraving stays crisp in the final product.

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Selecting a Font

Fonts are generally divided into three families: serif (with feet), sans serif (without feet), and script. Serif fonts look timeless, whereas sans serif tend to look more modern. Script fonts mimic handwriting or calligraphy, and can look fancy or casual, depending on the style. When choosing a script font, make sure that the swooping curls will fit on your piece.

For serif, we recommend Times, Bodoni, Copperplate, and Garamond.

For sans serif, thicker styles of Helvetica show up nicely, as does Arial.

Try and for speciality fonts, keeping in mind the requirements above. Not all fonts available on these websites are suitable for engraving. All the areas inside the lettering must be solid black.