Master Cleaning

A polished sample should never be used as a model. When a model is made with the intention of molding, it is recommended to do a master cleaning (fee applies) before molding to ensure that unintentional detail doesn't end up in the mold, and therefore in production pieces. Master cleaning is done at the bench, where a jeweler gently files away lines or surface pixelation resulting from the 3D printing process.


Unlike polishing, the intention is not to create a mirror-shine surface, but to prep the model for molding with minimal removal of metal. The castings coming from a model that had been master cleaned can be more quickly and easily polished, yielding more consistent results.

master clean

Sprue Installation

When a vulcanized mold is requested, we strongly recommend that metal sprue be created and soldered to the metal model. If Taba installs the sprue, a fee applies based on complexity of sprue system required for the piece.  


Please be advised: If a sprue is not installed, a vulcanized mold can still be made, but the opening must be cut into the rubber using a knife. This results in a jagged, square-shaped sprue that does not inject consistently. If this method is chosen, it makes the casting rejection rate rise by about 20%. Therefore labor cost per piece will be increased as well.