3D Printing Your Design

The 3D printing department is where we bring your digital model into the real world. Seeing and handling a printed prototype gives you the opportunity to see where alterations to the design might be needed. At Taba, we print on CPX and Solidscape systems. CPX is our standard printing quality (fast, economical) and Solidscape prints in high resolution. We accept .STL, .3dm, .IGES, .OBJ and .VTF files up to version 9.4. If you need us to modify your file, please provide a .3dm If you do not specify which printer, we will choose the most economical and practical printing method for your project. Some models do not require high resolution printing based on their simplicity and geometry. For pieces with prongs, pavé, or organic shapes, you may need high-resolution printing. At the moment, to ensure casting quality, we print only in wax.