Terms of Service Agreement


Account Requirements

To open an account at Taba Casting/Taba Jewelry Services (henceforth “Taba”) we require the following proof of business status along with an account overview meeting with a customer representative:

·         Tax ID and a website, or Tax ID and a portfolio of preferably at least 8 ready-to-produce designs. We may ask for references from other businesses.

·         If you are a student, we require proof of enrollment at a jewelry and design school.

If the above requirements are met, please fill out a New Client Form, and provide a valid credit card via the Credit Card Authorization form. If in the future you wish to change the credit card on file, the form must be re-submitted.


·         You may pay via check or cash if picking up, but a credit card must be submitted for the account. All bounced / returned checks will have a fee of $50, which will be charged to your account.

·         If your account has an outstanding balance, we will not process new orders or retrieve your molds until the balance is settled. Items will not be released for pickup or shipment until payment is received.

·         If you don’t pick up your order within 14 days from the invoice date or notify us to hold the items, your card will be charged for all labor charges incurred. Castings will be melted.

·         Items are invoiced by email when they are ready—please make sure email address(es) on file are current.


·         If you are not picking up in person, please email to request shipping when all items desired are ready

·         We ship with FedEx only.

·         Fedex does not deliver to P.O. boxes so please provide a physical address for shipping.

·         Shipping charges will be added to your total due, or we can bill to your FedEx account. Please provide the account number on the New Client Form.

·         If you don’t specify regarding shipping speed and signature requirement, we will ship your items by Fedex Ground and with or without signature requirement, as defaulted by Fedex.  

·         Let us know if you would like your molds to be included in the shipment.

·         If you move, please be sure to notify us of the new address.



·         A valid Taba account is needed for us to place an order or provide you with an estimate.

·         We provide estimates based on the metal price on the day of the estimate. Estimates are not guarantee of the final invoice price.

·         If an order is approved for production, please confirm the order in detail, otherwise it will remain unprocessed.

Placing Orders

All items are made to order and there is no minimum order requirement.

Taba does not take orders over the phone. Please submit orders via email only.

Casting from Mold

If you are placing an order in person or via email from existing molds, or shipping your molds to Taba, please have the following information ready:

·         Account Name

·         Style numbers (make sure molds are labeled)

·         Item quantity

·         Metal type(s)

·         Ring sizes. Taba can adjust the size of basic shank rings from injection wax for additional $10-$20 depending on the work needed.

·         Finishing type if applies (If Finishing was not mentioned, the order will be processed as raw casting)

·         If assembly is needed, please provide us with complete diagram.

Direct Cast

If you are placing an order in person or shipping your carved wax / master model, please have the following information ready:

·         Account Name

·         Direct casting (metal type) and/or mold making

·         Sprue location (if not mentioned, then location will be at our discretion. If sprue is placed per your instructions, you are responsible for the outcome)

·         If we are making a mold from your wax or your master: Please make sure to mention quantity and metal types. Beware, when molding a wax, expect some or total damage of the original piece. If a vulcanized mold is requested for a metal master, labor charges will apply for making and soldering a sprue.

·         Finishing type if applies (If Finishing was not mentioned, the order will be processed as raw casting)

·         If assembly is needed, please provide us with complete diagram.


·         Invoiced metal price is based on market metal prices, plus a markup. The weight is taken from the raw casting as cut from the tree, not a polished piece.

·         A casting labor fee applies to each item and is based on the complexity and size of the piece. Prices are subject to change without notice.

·         Items that are placed at a different time on the same day, might not be invoiced under the same invoice or same date

·         Items that are ordered and later changed or cancelled, depending on the order status process all labor fees up to that point apply.

·         Prices are subject to change without notice.


·         To maintain quality, we supply our own metal and alloys. We do not accept metal for casting, with an exception of heirloom metals, in which case we dedicate a flask for $150 labor, plus any additional metal that we supply to fill the piece.

·         We will do our best, but cannot guarantee the casting quality on the waxes, organic (non-wax) materials or resins that are brought to us for from the outside. If for any reason you refuse to take the casting piece, labor fee will still apply. Please consider molding the object as an alternative.

·         At Taba we accept waxes set with stones for stone-in-place casting, However, we are not responsible for any damaged, chipped, or shattered stones that may occur during that process, or improperly set stones that fall out or shift during casting.

·         We do not offer model making by hand


·         At Taba we value quality over speed. Out of respect to all our customers, we do not accept rush jobs. However, we do understand that occasionally you may have a hard deadline for finishing, let us know at the time of ordering. Otherwise we will schedule your order on first-come-first-served basis.

·         We do not finish or assemble pieces that have not been cast in the facility.

·         If we finish pieces cast from heirloom metals, we are not liable for the final metal quality and any metal defects that may be discovered during finishing, although we do our best.

·         Please inspect the pieces upon receiving them. If a piece was cast at the facility and not finished, we are not liable for any issues that may occur with the piece during finishing stage on the outside from the facility. However, if piece is being finished at Taba, any defects will be corrected as part of our finishing service.

·         If you are submitting a hand-carved wax model, please specify if texture/holes/ bumps are intentional or they should be smoothed out and removed by jewelers/polishers. If instructions were not given to representative, we assume that organic features are a part of the design and we will finish the model as is. If you forget to mention this at the beginning and wants us to smooth it out after piece is done, there will be an additional fee.

·         If you are requesting two finishes on same piece, please diagram the final look of the piece.

·         Taba can re-size basic shank rings from metal additional $10-$20 depending on the size + weight of any metal added.

Stones and Findings

·         Taba does not provide stones and findings. Please drop off or have your supplier mail them to us under your account name.

·         You are responsible for providing proper stone sizes. Any setting job that does not have correct stone sizes will be paused until correct stones are provided.

·         We charge a fee for stone removal. Taba is not responsible for any damage that may happen to the stone(s) during that process.

·         Sometimes damage to stones is unavoidable. Taba is not responsible for stone replacement or reimbursement in that case. We will contact you as soon as we can to get stone replacement to promptly complete your order. If you are supplying small and/or fragile stones please send extra.


If you are requesting engraving, please provide us with the following details in a diagram:

·         Text or image as black and white JPG, or a vector file

·         Font name or link to downloadable font

·         Size and location on piece

·         Direction/ orientation

·         Whether the engraved piece is meant for molding

If the request cannot be met for technical reasons, we will advise an alternative.

CAD Service

When requesting a design order, please clearly diagram all dimensions on the CAD Order Form and provide us with as much information as possible. Sometimes information that may seem irrelevant may be very important and might save you from modifications, adjustment fees and delays. If we do not have complete information we will not begin on your design.

We may require a non-refundable down payment of at least $100 per design payable before work begins. You will receive by email images to review. Please respond with change requests marked on the images.

We include 2 simple modifications per order. Additional charges will be $70 per modification or according to time spent.

When the design is approved, please confirm order, including metal type, quantity, finishing, molding etc. If it is for molding, master cleaning is highly suggested.

3D printing

·         If you have created you own 3D file, you may send them to us for printing. File formats accepted: STL, 3dm, IGES and OBJ.

·         If your model has structural issues, or we foresee other production problems, we might request you modify the file. If you would like us to do this work, CAD fees will apply.

·         To ensure best outcome, we print in Solidscape and CPX printers. The machine will be chosen based on your model, unless you specify. If for any reason machine that you picked did not provide you with the expected result, we will re-print and additional charges will apply.

·         If you requested to see the wax before casting and wax breaks in your possession, we will charge another printing fee for a replacement wax.

·         Printing prices are discounted if printing is part of a casting order. Print-only jobs do not receive a discount.

Masters (Originals)

·         All original models/masters that are sent to us for molding will be returned with the original order. We recommend you keep your masters organized by style number in case we need them to replace an aged or damaged mold.

·         Please note that damage to original models may happen during molding process.

·         If a resin, hand-carved wax, or an organic material is meant for molding, we recommend casting the piece first before molding.

·         Master cleaning is advised for computer-generated models. This service removes unwanted texture and prepares the metal model for molding. It is $25 for most pieces.


·         Taba can store molds for the convenience of regular customers.

·         We do mold inventory every 6-12 months and if we see unused styles or damaged molds, we will email you and ask you either take the molds or allow us to dispose of them. If we do not get a response within next 2 weeks, we reserve the right to dispose of those molds without compensation.  

·         If you wish to retrieve or see your molds, please give us 24-hour notice, so that we may locate your molds and prepare them for you.

·         We discourage renaming molds. If you wish to put a specific name on your mold please specify that from the beginning, otherwise we will put the next number that follows it in our system.

·         If you are bringing a master to replace a certain mold, please make sure to mention that style number, otherwise in your mold list you will have a duplicate style with 2 different style numbers that may cause a confusion in the future.

Returns/ Recasts/Refunds/ Credit Policy

·         Please inspect your items upon receipt.

·         Any claim must be submitted within 14 days of pick up or 3 days of shipment received. After that period, we are not liable for lost or incorrect items. Within the 14 days we will investigate.  Please provide photos where relevant.

·         You can bring back metal that has been cast at Taba and we can apply credit from it to your account. 10% metal refining fee applies. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept Brass or Bronze for credit returns.

·         Items must be returned with original JO# or an invoice so we can give you the correct credit amount. If you are requesting labor refund, please explain reason. Only after Taba inspects these items will we issue a full credit or make a reorder. If we determine that the error is not the fault of Taba, we will credit only metal with 10% refining fee (unless it is brass or bronze, which would not be credited).

·         We will not issue credit on any metal that has been heated, soldered or plated.

·         CAD design fees are not refundable.

Privacy Policy

Taba, will not rent, sell or share personally identifiable information about you and your products with other people or companies. Except for when we have your permission, or when we believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or act regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person.

Violation of these terms and / non-payment may result in your account being suspended and will be reported to collection agency. Your account will be responsible for all collection fees and attorney fees, if permitted and applicable by law.