By placing an order with Taba Casting/Taba Jewelry Services, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service:

Account Setup

New clients must provide contact, payment, and address information for our files. We require a valid credit card on file to start an account, but you are welcome to pay with other methods when/if picking up in person. Taba serves members of the jewelry industry. We may ask you to provide a Tax ID or student ID when starting an account. 


We provide price estimates for your convenience. If you wish to make an order based on the estimate, you must tell us to place the order, otherwise it remains an estimate. Estimates are not guarantees of final invoice price.

Metal prices

Invoiced prices are based on market metal prices, plus a markup. The weight is taken from the raw casting as cut from the tree, not a polished piece. To maintain quality, we supply our own metal and alloys. We cannot accept metal for casting. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Waxes from Molds

We provide free waxes from molds expecting that you will bring them back for casting.

About Sprues

If you do not give instructions on where to sprue, the location will be at our discretion. If we sprue according to your instructions, you are responsible for the outcome.

CAD Orders

For design jobs, we require a non-refundable down payment of $100 per design, payable before work begins. We include 2 simple modifications per order. Additional changes will be $70 per modification. Please clearly diagram all dimensions on the CAD Order Form. Orders with incomplete information will not be processed.

3D Printing

File formats accepted: .STL, .3dm, .IGES, and .OBJ. We can open and convert 3Design files (.vtf format only) up to Version 9.4. To ensure best outcomes, we print in wax using Solidscape and CPX printers. To avoid confusion, each file should contain only one shell, or element. Please delete or hide stones before sending.

Direct Casting Non-Wax Materials

If you bring organic materials, plastics, resins, or other unknown materials for direct cast, we can try to cast them but do not guarantee the results. Labor charges apply. Please consider molding the object as an alternative.

Molds Storage

We store molds for the convenience of regular customers. Periodically we may ask customers to take unused or discontinued styles so as to free up storage space. It is your responsibility to update us with your current contact information for this purpose. If we cannot reach you, we reserve the right to dispose of your molds without compensation. If you wish to pick up your molds, please give us 24 hours advanced notice so that we may locate and pack your items.

Originals/ Models

We do not keep originals. Metal originals will be returned with your order. Please note that damage to metal originals may happen during mold making. Damage to non-metal originals is highly likely. If we are given a poorly made model, customer is responsible for the outcome.

Master Cleaning

If you plan to mold a design, we highly recommend ordering a master in silver with master cleaning. In master cleaning, we remove unwanted texture and sharpen details before molding. It is $25 for most pieces.


Some porosity is expected. If you order finishing with us, any porosity we discover during polishing will be laser filled without additional charge. If you did not, we can laser fill for a small fee.

Finishing Deadlines

Out of respect for other customers, we do not accept rush finishing jobs. If you have a hard deadline for finishing, let us know at the time of ordering. Otherwise we will schedule on a first-come-first-served basis. Customers requesting special finishing services must diagram the desired final look of the piece.

Stones and Findings

We do not provide most stones and findings. Please provide these items when sending your order, or have your supplier deliver to us under your name. We are not responsible for damage to stones in our possession.


Special Orders

Large Quantity Orders

We offer a 10% discount on the invoice for orders over 100 pieces in the same metal, and 20% for orders over 500 pieces in the same metal. Please mention it at the time of order placement.

Dedicated Flask

If you require that your order be cast in its own flask, for example, in the case of using heirloom metal, we charge $150 labor per flask, plus any additional metal we supply to fill the flask.


Payment and Delivery

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover), business or personal check, and cash. All invoices are due in full upon receipt within 14 days unless your account has received terms with Taba.


Items are invoiced by email when they are ready for pickup. If you are not picking up in person, please make sure that we have your shipping address on file. Request shipping by replying to your invoice when all items you require have been invoiced. Shipping charges billed to Taba will be added to your total due, or we can bill to your Fedex account. We ship exclusively with Fedex, and will select Ground shipping if you do not specify an expedited service.

Sales Tax

If you are a business client, you are required to provide us with your State Resale Certificate number. Customers without a tax ID are charged New York sales tax of 8.875%


Cancellations and Refunds

In-Progress Cancellations

If your order is in progress and you need to cancel it in part or full, please contact us. Casting orders cannot be canceled once waxes are injected, due to the nature of the workflow. You will be charged labor for work done up to that point, plus a cancellation fee.

Refund Policy

If we’ve made a mistake in processing your order (wrong item, wrong metal, or wrong quantity), we will happily refund for the full amount and take back and redo the merchandise if necessary. Refunds made for any other reason will incur 6% on metal plus labor.

Abandoned Castings

If you don’t pick up your order within 14 days since the invoice date or notify us to hold the items, your card will be charged for labor and the castings melted.

Scrap Metal

We accept scrap for credit to your Taba account. Gold, platinum, palladium, or sterling silver originating from Taba can be returned less 6% for refining costs. Please provide the invoice number or approximate original date so we can give you the proper price. Outside metal will be taken at our discretion, usually credited for 50% of its weight and a recent metal value.

Outstanding Balances

If you have an outstanding balance on your account, we will not process new orders until the balance is paid in full.

Account Suspension

Violation of these terms and/or non-payment may result in your account being suspended. We reserve the right to refuse service to any account.


These Terms of Service may be revised at any time without prior notice.